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Dan Molloy
is also the owner and CEO of the
Molloy Sales & Development Group.




We are talking about a shift in the culture of business. Getting back to the basics of letting people know that "YOU CAN HELP THEM" with whatever they need. Forget about all of the numbers and info driven models out there. We are talking about making a real change from the top down, without spending any additional money on advertising.

This is NOT about advertising. It is about communication and commitments. Commerce follows when we learn how to talk to each other. It takes practice, practice, practice!

Our talented team knows how to develop and implement a successful strategy that will make immediate improvements to your business, employees, and the culture of your organization. We utilize our industry-leading call tracking software to begin to establish baseline analytics. This allows us to make sure everything we implement is having the results we envision. Get our team involved today!




Doreen Molloy is a professionall psychic medium
and the author of
Proof Positive, Metaphysical Wisdom.




Lab certified through the University of Arizona's VERITAS Research Program, Doreen participated in mediumship communication and survival of consciousness studies from 2003 to 2008 – and from 2008 to the present time is a certified medium for the Windbridge Institute as well as for the Forever Family Foundation. In addition to her private practice in Hudson County, NJ, Doreen is a licensed Grief Recovery Method ® Specialist.

Doreen also teaches personal workshops on Mediumship Development, Introduction to Tarot, Beginner’s Astrology and Psychic Development. She can be reached by email at:





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Dan Molloy  -:-  vocals
Doreen Molloy  -:-

 Mike Smith  -:-  lead guitar
Mario Giampaglia  -:-
 lead guitar

Ray "Rainman" Portante  -:-  drums
Sean Francois  -:-  bass guitar
Ron Hagen  -:-  keyboards