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Dan Molloy

Dan is the front man, lead vocalist and creator of Strange Brew. He's an all-around great guy and a fabulous entertainer, in so many different areas... including music, business and athletics.

As a vocalist, he polished his craft in 1995 with the inception of Strange Brew - taking center stage, and loving every minute of it. But over the years, he also joined an Improv group in NYC, which was great fun... And he became a Team USA triathlete for 13 years, competing on the world stage. Dan represented the USA in 2011 in Beijing, China. He finished in sixth place in his age group - and was the first American to cross the finish line. He actually combines both worlds now, by performing the National Anthem at regional and national triathlon events.

And he accomplished all of that while growing Molloy LLC, as CEO of his own sales development company. You'll find more info about Dan's work on the links page. Meanwhile, recreating the vocals (as well as the look) of Eric Clapton has been a tall order, but he does it justice - and with a playful style.



Dan Molloy




















Doreen Molloy

Doreen shares the stage with Dan on harmonies and lead vocals... and was instrumental in developing Strange Brew, along side Dan.

As a vocalist for many years, she has performed with wedding bands doing top 40... has done studio work with other musicians... and had a stint on the Spirit of New Jersey cruise ship back in the early 90's as the lead vocalist for a local band.

Doreen was also a karaoke DJ for many years, so music has been a major part of her life over many decades. She's very comfortable on a mic... and was also a radio show host for 8 years on BBS Radio.

Doreen feels incredibly blessed to be able to work in the two fields that she loves the most. One of those is 'Music' which makes her heart happy... And the other is within her private practice as a metaphysical practitioner, which has truly been her life's calling (and the reason why she's on the planet). You'll find more info about Doreen's work on the links page.

Doreen Molloy




























Bill Moraites
Lead Guitar

Bill is one of the lead guitarists for Strange Brew.
A masterful player, he might seem like an mild-mannered guy, but he'll rip your heart out when he takes a lead.

Emulating Clapton, who just happens to be one of the greatest guitarists of all time... is no small feat. But Bill pulls it off superbly. We call him 'Billy Clapton' which he hates, but we do it anyway. Lol...

His background includes performing with the band 'Smoker Craft'... playing  in the 70s and 80’s at CBGB's, Maxes Kansas City and the Tin Palace NY Club scene.  He's also done original music... plus select songs from Clapton, Hendrix and the Allman Brothers.

And from there, he's played Jazz and Fusion, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Miles Davis, Weather Report and the Like. Bill also performed with 'Double Billed Band' and 'Uncle Pedestrian'.



Bill Moraites


















Ron Hagen


Ron joined us in mid 2020, while all the venues were closed (due to Covid). When we were finally able to regroup again for a rehearsal in December, Ron had all of our arrangements down cold. He didn't miss a beat!

During the 80's and 90's, Ron performed with a wedding band called 'The Main Event'... and more recently, with the band 'The Buzz'.

Some musical influences were Deep Purple, Led Zep... and now, Eric Clapton!

Welcome aboard, Ron...





Ron Hagen


























Mike Smith
Lead Guitar


Mike also plays lead guitar for us... and he's quite an amazing guitarist. We were blown away the very first time he rehearsed with us... he played flawlessly - and fit right in!

Mike's been playing since 1971... and some of his influences are: Clapton, Hendrix, Doors, Deep Purple, Queen, Zeppelin, Focus, Al DiMeola, Mahavishnu Orchestra and Return To Forever.

Some of the bands he's performed with include
Jingo (a Santana tribute band)... Royal Dumonts (original tunes)... as well as with various other cover bands in NJ.

And we're thrilled to have him in the Brew!


Mike Smith


















Donnie Piller
Bass Guitar

Combine the bass playing of James Jamerson [Motown hitmaker] and Francis Rocco Prestia [Tower of Power], the vocal ability of Marvin Gaye and Smokey Robinson, and the harmonies of The Everly Brothers... Put them in a blender and that’s Donnie.

Donnie’s earliest influence was his Uncle Burgher “Buddy” Jones, a well know jazz bass player.  Through his uncle, he learned to appreciate not only jazz, but R&B and Blues as well. Donnie evolved with the times as his other influences range from the swing era, the 'British Invasion', the advent of Motown, and eventually the second British Invasion.

Wedding bands, dance bands, disco bands, oldies groups, pop groups... You name it, Donnie did it.

Most recently, Donnie has been working with some NY/NJ based bands, most notably, “The Unit”, “The Motones”, and “Beauty and the Grease”. Donnie is also called upon to add his voice and/or bass playing to various studio projects. He's also lots of fun!






Donnie Piller
























Jeff Pines


Jeff is the musical director and percussionist for Strange Brew.

He is highly credentialed in the field of music, and has performed in everything from classical productions on Broadway... to playing percussion and/or drums in a rock and roll band.

Jeff is the 'technical guy'; he's the one with all the music sheets (unlike the rest of us)... and he does a great job coordinating our musical repertoire.


Jeff Pines



























"Rain Man"

Rain Man is fun... And he's a killer on drums.

Raymond Portante (aka: 'Rain Man') has been influenced by an eclectic group of drummers including, but not limited to, Buddy Rich, Ringo Starr, John Bonham, David Garibaldi, and Steve Gadd, drummers who exemplify the importance of “feel”, which is the most inherently necessary function of any drummer. 

His initial formal drum training began with a Rockland County, NY instructor named Nick Page.  Mr. Page was a product of the swing era and taught him how to 'drive' the music.  Luckily enough, while attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, he had the opportunity to study with Gary Chaffee, head of the percussion department.  It was while studying with Mr. Chaffee that he began to dig deep into the 'soul of drumming'. 

After leaving Berklee, he attended  'the school of hard knocks'.  West 30th in Manhattan was littered with recording studios.  It was there that he really began to understand the 'art' of drumming.  While spending approximately 10 years recording various jingles, industrial films, state sponsored commercials, television ads, and artist demos he learned that oftentimes, especially when it pertains to drumming, less is more. He currently performs in the Bergen County/Rockland County area with his band 'The Unit' as well as performing with numerous other artists.


"Rain Man"
aka: Raymond






























Doreen Molloy, with her vintage guitar,
a Gretsch 1958 Clipper



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