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     Just for a little fun...

Dan Molloy

He really does look like Clapton...

Dan                                 Eric                                  Dan

But you can judge for yourself.

Eric Clapton


Just another day in the life of Dan Molloy... businessman, CEO of his own sales development company, triathlete on the world stage - and musical performer.
Dan Molloy definitely leads a versatile life - and he tells strories about every aspect of it so well.

We came up with the concept for Strange Brew in late 1994 and had a very successful run for 6 years... at which point, we decided to take a break from performing so we could move on to develop other things.

But we missed the music.

Now, 25 years later... we're back, recreating the amazing music of Eric Clapton and Friends. So if you missed us the first time around, you better catch our show soon.
We ain't gettin' any younger, you know... :)


Dan & Doreen
For more info about Dan Molloy's business, go to the links page.

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