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Fort Lee Summer Concert Series:

Wednesday, September 14th


Brook Arts Center Theater:
Saturday, May 6th

Brook Arts Center Theater:

Saturday, September 30th





It's been a while...   But we're back - and we're having fun with some new material... and also taking some of our old tunes - and putting a fresh new spin on them.

We've assembled a fine group of muscians... You'll get to see some new players, with amazing talent. But hey, it's still 'The Brew'... Meanwhile, check out our new show... And we hope to see you soon!


Dan Molloy


-:- The Clapton Project -:-

The Background Story.... 
Dan shares some little known background info behind the songs that Clapton performed...

-:- Classic Rock & Soulful Blues.... 
We perform tunes from some of the other bands and artists that Clapton performed with...

-:- Two killer lead guitarists....
Clapton is not easy to emulate, but our guitarists pull it off with style and energy...

-:- Kick-ass Vocals....
When you listen to our authentic vocals and harmonies, you'll think Clapton's in the house!

-:- Clapton Hits....
We're back with many of our signature songs... so many favorites that span the decades!


We'll see you at the next show!




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Dan Molloy  -:-  vocals
Doreen Molloy  -:-

 Mike Smith  -:-  lead guitar
Mario Giampaglia  -:-
 lead guitar

Ray "Rainman" Portante  -:-  drums
Sean Francois  -:-  bass guitar
Ron Hagen  -:-  keyboards