How I met Warren Zevon & Carmen Electra... 
while wearing a Dave Wig!                




There was a time in the early 90's where everyone thought I looked like Eric Clapton. It was really quite funny...and it was fun for me while it lasted. I started the band Strange Brew and we got great bookings, all due to the fact I resembled Eric Clapton and sounded like him when I sang. So, I figured that one day one of these lame talk shows like Jenny Jones would call while producing a LOOK-A-LIKE show... and ask me to appear. Why not... they had done it a dozen times for all my LOOK-A-LIKE friends, so I figured it was just a matter of time. Then it happened! I'm sitting at my desk and the phone rings, "Dan is that you?". I said, "Yes" and the woman on the other end says,"This is Elaine Chez (goofball look-a-like agent, who thinks she's Marilyn Monroe)... Do you want to go on Letterman Tonight?" and I said,"Sure, what do I have to do?" Where upon she said,"Well... go to the Letterman Thearter and if they like you ... they'll put you on the show". Then she said, "Um... There's only one catch". I say,"Yeah... what's the catch?" Elaine states, "You have to go on the show as Warren Zevon..." And I burst out laughing. About two hours later, I'm in the Theatre and they tell me to stick around so I can be part of a skit. Cool... However, I didn't even know what Warren Zevon looked like. I mean afterall, I was a Clapton Specialist...

Next thing I know, I'm up in MAKE UP and they are applying a DAVE WIG to my head... and putting makeup all over me...and I find out the wig costs $5000 and looks like something you would find alongside the road in PA... (like prime roadkill) and now it's on my head.




So when they finish the makeup I take the elevator down to the Green Room and all of a sudden find myself sitting across from CARMEN ELECTRA... boobs and all. Just sitting there trying to look her in the eye... wearing my ROAD-KILL-DAVE-WIG...and CARMEN ELECTRA in a white spandex outfit and all I can really see is her BOOBS. And no matter how hard I try to look at her face ... my eyes are drawn like magnets to her chest. Three feet away from me... haha. (I couldn't make this stuff up) So apparently they like the way I look hahaha... and tell me to stick around and I'll get on the show... cool. Now I head back up to Make up to get a Warren Zevon Suite that would fit... and one of the Band members is riding the elevator with me... and I couldn't help but notice the fresh smell of marihooch in the air and I thought to myself, "These musicians... Ha...it's the same all over".

When I get up to the dressing room again, there's Terry Bradshaw sitting in the chair... so I got to say hello to him. Anyway, later in the evening while taping the show Dave comments to the audience that I look more like Eric Clapton than Warren Zevon... and it get's a laugh... ha... The nice thing is that I got to chat with Warren... told him that I admired him and that he really looked more like himself than I did.

And the beat goes on... Ha!

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