What a Life!

Someone's gotta do it!   



What are you doing today?

I'm burried in over two feet of snow... My nose is running and my back aches from all the shoveling.

So what are you doing?

The three young people in the photo work on the Island of St. Martin in a little village called Grande Case, in a wonderful restaurant called California. Located on the Carribean Side of the island, you can see Angila about 2 miles away. The surf is usually not rough and the weather is very warm at this time of year.

So I am writing due to the fact that I am very jealous of the three people in the photo... because they live and work on the island.

Further, Doreen woke up today and while looking at some photos of our recent trip to this bit of paradise, pined to return. As she looked out the window to the quickly falling show she remarked, "We're not in St.Martin anymore!"...

No Kidding. "Two Feet of Snow...  8 degrees (F) ... with more snow for this evening".

So what are you doing today?







California Restaurant, St. Martin


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