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Max's Kansas City Connection...    

This is a little story about Joe Burger and Vince Martel ..1st of all I met Joe Berger at Max's Kansas City cause he was the in house sound man. Joe is one of the best sound men I know and still does sound for many big people in the music world. Additionally he's been a great great guitar player and writer... so I'm very happy to know him as my best friend and to have played with him in many bands as well.

NEXT we go to my best friend and also guitar player singer writer MR. VINCE MARTELL who has and is still playing all over the world with the Vanilla Fudge ... as well as his own projects.. he and I have played many places together and still do .. all I can say is if you love music and you wanna Be a heavy hitter guitar player this is your man, ok ... so for now I'll go... from BLEU OCEAN of SPACE VEHICES... I wish you a good day...



ok cya there ........... FROM BLEU OCEAN AUG 19TH 2003..


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