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Dan Molloy of Strange Brew had the great pleasure of interviewing Mike Boldt about his latest CD release... The ALAMO: A Musical Tribute to John Wayne's Epic Film.

Boldt pays tribute to John Wayne's classic 1960 film and composer Dimitri Tiomkin's legendary score. More than just 'cover versions' of Tiomkin's music, Boldt brings innovative new excitement to these tracks and provides three outstanding original songs that feature readings of letters from the actual Alamo heroes.

Bonus items include: an informative 8 page collector's booklet with liner notes by Alamo experts Frank Thompson, William R. Chemerka and Lee Pfeiffer. The album also contains seven extremely rare original 1960 radio spot commercials for John Wayne's film.

Mike Boldt has paid tribute to the legendary heroes of the Alamo as well as another legendary and great American patriot, Duke Wayne...


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Visit Mike on the web at: www.mikeboldt.com


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